Heroes of the World, is a project created by two Canadian artists, Mark Williams and Joe Bonsu assisted by business manager, Shawn Cuffie. It involves the creation of superheroes from around the world, placing each superhero in a different country and emphasizing the importance of unity through diversity in their artwork. “This work appeals to everyone and it instills a strong sense of pride for your heritage, but also touches strongly on the idea that diversity enriches our experiences and ultimately unites us,” explained the creators of the project.

Since 2005, Heroes of the World has evolved into a brand that represents different countries through the concept of the superhero. Whether it is on a t-shirt, a poster, or a hat, we make sure that the customer represents their country with the pride of a hero. Our sole purpose is to create a brand that will unify people from all walks of life.

Sun TV Interview (2008)

EP Canada Interview (2011)




A graduate of Sheridan’s Illustration and Digital Animation programs, Mark Williams has an excellent sense of imagination which is inspired from mainly video games and manga. An imagination that helps his artwork stands out. His skills lie strongly on animation, character design, and storyboarding. As well as he’s an artist, Mark is also an accomplished actor and dancer.



Born in North York, Ontario, Joseph Osei Bonsu has always had a passion for art. His inspiration for the visual arts comes from all the Batman comics he used to take from his brother’s room, as a kid. His fascination with comic book art would encourage Joseph to enrol himself into schools like Sheridan College, and Seneca College for programs such as Digital Animation, Art Fundamentals, and Digital Media Arts.


Business Manager

Founded in 1996, DLM Entertainment Company has been a lifelong project for Shawn Cuffie, its founder and president. Located in Toronto DLM entertainment has become a leader in entertainment through out Canada and beyond. Shawn and his team have given their expertise in many occasions by managing and working with many artists across the board for the past 14 years. DLM Entertainment has made it possible for young talent to make their mark in the entertainment world through passionate dedication.


Lead Writer

Vince is a multiple platform content creator. He went to university for computer sciences but after first year he decided to follow his passion for filmmaking. He attended Vancouver film school, and currently works in the Greater Toronto Area as a writer, director & producer.


Lead Spokesmodel

Dedicated and driven, Monique is currently a Fashion Arts student at Humber College, who strongly stands by the brand she represents. Whether it be at trade shows or through our guerrilla marketing campaigns, Monique is the driving force behind spreading the HOTW brand to the masses.

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