Team HOTW!



A graduate of Sheridan's Illustration and Digital Animation programs, Mark has an excellent sense of imagination inspired by video games and manga, helping his artwork stand out. His skills lie immensely in animation, character design, and storyboarding. As well as he's an artist, Mark is also an accomplished actor and dancer.



Born in Toronto, Ontario, Joseph's fascination for visual arts originates from comic books and animated shows he watched growing up. His fascination with the visual arts encouraged him to enroll in Sheridan College (Art Fundamentals) and Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology (Digital Media Arts and 3D Animation).


Business Manager

Founded in 1996, The DLM Group Of Companies has been a lifelong project for Shawn Cuffie. Located in The Toronto DLM Group Of Companies has become a leader in entertainment throughout North America and the world. Shawn and his team have given their expertise on many occasions by managing and working with many artists across the board for the past fourteen years. The DLM Group Of Companies has made it possible for young talent to make their mark in the entertainment world through passionate dedication. Shawn also brings that same passion as the business manager/liaison for Heroes Of The World!


Lead Writer

Vince is a multiple-platform content creator. He went to university for computer sciences. But after the first year, he decided to follow his passion for filmmaking. Vince attended Vancouver Film School and is currently a writer, director & producer in the Greater Toronto Area.


Lead Promotions/Accounting Specialist

Dedicated and driven, Monique is a graduate of the Fashion Arts program at Humber College. Monique stands by the brand she represents. Whether it be at trade shows, guerrilla marketing campaigns, or managing event accounting needs, Monique is the driving force behind spreading the HOTW brand to the masses!