Stacy Siren

Lovely, Loyal and Lethal, are three words that best describe Omega Saviour’s chief assistant, Stacy Siren. Formerly known as Xiao Li Ling of Hong Kong, a spoiled socialite and heiress to a billion dollar empire, Xiao signed on with The F.I.S.T. after being kicked out of school. Once she signed on as Omega Saviour’s right hand woman, all records of her existence were wiped so that nobody was able to track her. Renamed Stacy Siren, by Omega Saviour, she’s a woman that is no stranger to power, which is why she allies herself with The F.I.S.T. She’s the type that admires men of status and respect. She heavily admires Omega Saviour and hopes that she’ll be able to run the F.I.S.T. regime after him.

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