Alver Stein

Alver Stein is a 13 year old, walking encyclopedia. He is the youngest son of Dr. Stevin Stein and Dr. Miranda Lau. Alver is the type of boy that would rather read a stack of Popular Science magazines and gush over pages and pages of ‘data’, than play video games. When adventuring with his two friends, he’s always the one who gives the right information at the right time. He is also a self-taught flying ace, and appoints himself as the chief pilot of the B.R.I.A.N. aircraft, a variation of the UNI.T.E combat planes that he modified to his own design specifications. Alver feels that he has a lot to live up to, with his father Dr.Stein having accomplished so much and be so well respected around the world. Alver is currently acting as the Earth guide to his best friend Oreh Gaia.

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