Dt. Steven Stein

Dr. Steven Stein is considered to be a pioneer in the realms of science, humanitarianism and global defense of the highest order. Along with a group of scientists, he was one of the first to discover the ancient power that would be used to create the world’s greatest heroes. This discovery would be the foundation behind the UNI.T.E federation’s origins. Years after his discovery, Dr. Stein would also be known as the scientist that developed the Ex-Civilian serum which is used to grant the majority of UNI.T.E’s defenders their super powers. Dr. Stein is also responsible for the development of the Battle Sphere training rooms located in each of the UNI.T.E bases and an original version of super computers, that his son Alver would base his own system B.R.I.A.N. off of. Dr. Stein is a devoted father to his 13 year old son, Alver and also acted as the guardian/instructor to Alver’s best friend, Oreh Gaia.

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